Frances (ecomaiden) wrote in life_boheme,

Howdy :)

I'm Morrigan.

I am a poetic, nature loving soul.
I wish I was back in the days of harps, lore and story telling by the fire.
I am always having adventures.

I am from the UK. Are there any travelling people out there who would like to join this would-be travelling harpist this summer?
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are you going to be in the same state of mind next summer? I'd love to meet and go on some adventures with you.
wow. friend me? i will, i hope, always in this state of mind. your, you sound like a kindred soul! Love, Morrigan xoxoxox
hey, I'm so sorry for the late reply! that's so nice of you to say! I will definately friend you, and I hope we can chat on a regular basis and become friends! :)