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This have been a while since someone posted, I see.
I just joined this community because I'm very interested into bohemian life and I wanted to share this passion.

My name is Mónica and I'm eighteen. I want to study Hispanic Philology at University (I am from Spain and I live in Barcelona, I think we all should appreciate our native culture). My main interests are literature, music, history, aesthetics, art, philosophy, photography, religion... Well, I could go on and on x)

I like to write, draw and make photos for pleasure, but I'm mostly talented at literature and poetry.

How about 'liven' up the community a bit? :3

Also, you can add me as a friend if you feel like it ^^
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Hey you seem really interesting! I live in Spain too, but in Madrid. Mind if I friend you? :)
Hey, hi there! Of course I don't mind, I will add you as well ^^

You are Spanish or you only live here?

What are you interests? :D (I just like to know new people XD)
I'm English/Hungarian. I am doing my PhD in Physics here. But I am very interested in literature, art, music - I write a bit in my spare time. My life is an odd mix of Physics and Opera cause my social group consists of many opera singers jeje. My interests are listed on my profile :)
How interesting!
I think we all should be raised knowing a little bit of science, music, and letters -like the ideal Renaissance man!
This could help us to have a more complex vision about the world.